Join me for Painting Classes in Chestnut Hill and Mt.Airy.

Learn painting in a supportive, encouraging environment, with step by step demonstrations, allowing you to develop confidence as you go.

  • Learn how to paint the beautiful trees of Pastorius Park.
  • Paint the beautiful streets and quaint architecture of Chestnut Hill.
  • Learn how colors work together to create vibrant light and depth in your paintings.
  • Make friends.

I am a PAFA graduate with years of experience of outdoor painting and outdoor painting classes. I love painting outside! Come learn with me!

Call: 215-313-1963

Or e-mail me:

Henry isn´t just the best art teacher I´ve ever had. He´s the best teacher I´ve ever had at anything!

When I saw my final project, I couldn't believe I had actually drawn it! It was my favorite class.